Bakers Head Shot
With a diverse background rooted in customer service and satisfaction, the young Jeffrey Morneau,
Executive Chef of Chef Jeff Catering, knew as soon as he finished service for his first four hundred
guests wedding, that a future in culinary arts and event management, was for him. Growing up in a
Haitian family, Chef Jeff accounts his family for instilling in him his drive and dedication to Excellency
and perfection. Being an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated since late Fall 2008
and a graduate of CUNY York College , Chef Jeff has used these platforms to truly network and establish
himself as a catering chef with a graduate degree from the French Culinary Institute who has the
abilities to transform various spaces and rooms. With a philosophy that “the human palate has unique
characteristics; only the finest and exceptional flavors should be allowed to become one with it,” Chef
Jeff aims to create and often re-create his customer’s favorite meals and deserts to fit any occasion or